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2009-2013 5-Year American Community Survey Commuting (ACS) Flows

The ACS Survey is conducted across the country every year and the data is reported as a five year rolling average. Commuting (Journey to Work) refers to a worker’s travel from home to work. Place of work refers to the geographic location of the worker’s job. Work at home refers to a worker who does not commute to a different geographic area from work, meaning their place of work is their home. Daytime population refers to the estimated number of people who are residing and working in an area during the “daytime” working hours.

For 2009 -2013 the top six commuting for work destinations from Bannock County are:

Bannock County 31, 829
Bingham County 1,277
Bonneville County 877
Power County 804
Butte County 360
Caribou County 316

This is approximately the same number of commuters as in the 2007 – 2011 ACS data.

The Draft FY 2016 – 2019 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)  is available for review and comments will be accepted from July 13, 2015 – August 13, 2015.  The TIP lists all federally funded projects within the Pocatello/Chubbuck metropolitan area and includes highway, bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation projects.

On June 5, 2015 the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration issued a letter approving the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Air Quality Conformity.  Approval indicates that the MTP and TIP meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act and the MTP and TIP contribute to reductions in PM10 emissions within the Portneuf Valley Non-Attainment Area.  MTP and FY 2015 TIP Conformity Approval


BTPO publishes several maps online.  The maps are interactive and provide some of our most commonly requested information. 

  • Bicycle Network
  • Regional Map
  • Transit Network (through Idaho 511)
  • Traffic Counts

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