Unified Planning Work Program

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):  The UPWP is the management plan for the planning program. Its intent is to coordinate the planning activities of all participants in the planning process. Because the UPWP reflects local priorities, the content will likely differ from one metropolitan area to another. The UPWP  describes the planning tasks and studies that will be conducted by planning participants over a one- to two-year period.

  • Include all federally funded studies
  • Identify funding sources
  • Provide a schedule of activities
  • Identify responsible agencies

FY 2017 Unified Planning Work Program 

The FY 2017 UPWP is out for public comment until September 9, 2016.  The fiscal year 2017 the planning priorities are:

  • Yellowstone Corridor Plan Update
  • Transit Short and Long Range Plan;
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan update phase 1; and
  • Monitoring of the system performance and safety

BTPO UPWP FY 2017_201609121

FY 2016 Unified Planning Work Program

The FY 2016 UPWP’s planning priorities are:

  • Validate the 2015 socioeconomic projections and update to 2045;
  •  Update the Travel Demand Model;
  •  Yellowstone Corridor Plan Update; and
  • Update the Master Street Plan to incorporate new priories identified in the MTP.

Work Plan Tasks
Task 1.0 Administration and Coordination
Task 2.0 Public Participation and Outreach
Task 3.0 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Task 4.0 Transportation Data Development and Management
Task 4.1 Socioeconomic Data
Task 4.2 Transportation System Usage Database Management
Task 4.3 Regional Profile and Monitoring Report
Task 5.0 Modeling and Travel Forecasts
Task 5.1 Travel Demand Model Management
Task 5.2 Air Quality Modeling
Task 6.0 Transportation System Plans
Task 6.1 Yellowstone Corridor Plan Refresh
Task 6.2 Performance Measure Development
Task 6.3 Master Street Plan Update
Task 7.0 Transit Planning
Task 7.1 Long Range Transit Plan Phase 1
Task 7.2 Mobility Management

Task 7.3 Transit Planning

Task 8.0 Coordinated Traffic Control Systems
Task 9.0 Bicycle and Pedestrian Outreach
Task 9.1 Bike to Work

The FY 2016 UPWP 

BTPO UPWP FY 2016 Change 1



FY 2015 Unified Planning Work Program Change 1 

BTPO is proposing to modify the FY 2015 UPWP due to changes in carry-over funds and re-prioritization of work tasks.  The main changes to the UPWP include adding funds for the Yellowstone Corridor Plan update (originally administrated by ITD and not included), an increase in carry-over funds for Metropolitan Transportation Plan and delay of majority of the long range transit plan and active transportation strategic plan. 

BTPO_UPWP_FY15_Change 1_June 15 2015

Federal Fiscal Year 2015 Unified Planning Work Program

Overview of Work Plan Task Elements BTPO’s eighteen (18) activities/tasks for the upcoming year broken into seven (7) major categories which are:


  • General Administration
  • Agency Coordination/ Public Outreach
  • Website Administration
  • Bike to Work/Safe Routes to School

Project Development

  • Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Data Support

  • Travel Demand Model
  • Travel Time Study
  • Traffic Counts

Air Quality Monitoring

Operations Planning

  • Traffic Operations
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance

Transit Planning

  • Long Range Transit Plan Data Collection Analysis

Planning Emphasis

  • 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Performance Measure Development
  • Yellowstone Corridor Plan Refresh
  • Master Street Plan Update (Phase 1)
  • Siphon IC Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Active Transportation Strategic Plan (Phase 1)

 FY2015 BTPO Unified Planning Work Program

FY 2015 UPWP Approval Letter – All Idaho MPOs


Federal Fiscal year 2014 Unified Planning Work Program

BTPO FY2014 Unified Planning and Work Program

FY2014 UPWP Approval for BTPO (PDF)

Change 1 of the FY 2014 UPWP was needed to reflect changes in federal funding levels and some changes changes in specific tasks.  No tasks were eliminated in the change.

BTPO FY2014 UPWP Change 1  (PDF)

2014 UPWP Amendment #1 Approval (PDF)


Federal Fiscal Year 2013 Unified Planning Work Program

The FY 2013 UPWP has two main planning objectives,  which are to start the update of the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and to update the Public Transportation -Human Service Plan.

FY 2013 UPWP Approval Letter

Change 1 of  the FY 2013 UPWP accounts for decrease in staff level at BTPO.

FY 2013 UPWP Amendment #1 Approval (PDF)