Administrative Documents

Public Involvement Plan 2013 (PDF)

The Public Involvement Plan outlines how BTPO will conduct and evaluate public involvement activities within the urban area.

PIP Evaluation for Fiscal Year 201
PIP Evaluation-of-fiscal-year-2014
PIP Evaluation-of-fiscal-year-2015
PIP Evaluation of Fiscal Year 2016

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Policy Statement (PDF)

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Plan establishes the required policies and procedures for ensuring non-discrimination in the award and administration of Department of Transportation assisted contracts.

Idaho Transportation Department’s Title VI Plan

BTPO has agreed to use Idaho Transportation Department’s Title VI policy.

Environmental Justice Plan

In 1994 Executive Order 12898 Environmental Justice (EJ) included identifying and addressing the effects of all programs or activities of Federal-aid recipients, sub-recipients, and contractors, whether or not such programs and activities are federally assisted.

Limited English Proficiency Plan

The Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP) is designed to be an addendum to ITD’s LEP. BTPO has agreed to and will follow ITD’s Title VI policies, but the LEP guidance from the U.S. Department of Transportation suggests each agency should conduct a self-evaluation of the needs in their specific service area.

It is also the BTPO’s policy that all employees and Policy Board members be familiar with the LEP plan.


BTPO is required to conduct an annual audit of the financial practices of the organization.

BTPO Fiscal Statement 2011 (PDF)
BTPO Financial Statement 2012 (PDF)
BTPO Financial Statement 2013
BTPO Financial Statement 2014 (PDF)
BTPO Financial Statement 2015 (PDF)
BTPO Financial Statement 2016 PDF 468 KB)

Organizational Document

BTPO Articles of Association
Bylaws Policy Board Change 1Technical Advisory Committee Bylaws Approved April 7 2014

Memorandum of Understanding

BTPO’s responsibilities overlap with many other government agencies and organizations. MOUs are a way outline the different responsibilities for each agency involvement in the MOU.

Transit Planning Cooperative Agreement

The Transit Planing Cooperative Agreement outlines transit planning responsibility between Pocatello Regional Transit and Bannock Transportation Planning Organization.

Air Quality Planning MOU

This MOU outlines the planning responsibilities between agencies within the Portneuf Valley Non Attainment Area.

Title VI MOU With ITD

BTPO has agreed to use Idaho Transportation Department’s Title VI policy as the BTPO Title VI policy.

Metropolitan Transportation Planning Responsibilities MOU (PDF) 

BTPO and the Idaho Transportation Department have approved an MOU relating to the mutual responsibilities in carrying out transportation planning within the Pocatello/Chubbuck Urbanized area. The March 2016 updated replaces the previous MOU.