Policy Board:

The business of this nonprofit association shall be managed by a Policy Board. The Policy Board members oversee the operation of BTPO.  Members of the Policy Board are chosen by their respective agencies. The current Policy Board members are:

City of Pocatello
  • Brian Blad, Mayor
  • Jim Johnston, Council Member (CHAIR)
  • Roger Bray, Council Member
City of Chubbuck
  • Kevin England, Mayor (VICE-CHAIR)
  • Josh Ellis, Council Member
Bannock County
  • Evan Frasure, Commissioner 
Pocatello Regional Transit
  • Dave Hunt, Director
Idaho Transportation Department
  • Ed Bala, District Engineer

Ex-Officio Members shall each select one non-voting Policy Board Member.

Idaho State University School District #25 Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

 Policy Board Agendas/Minutes

See calendar for the next BTPO Policy Board Meeting BTPO Office Conference Room, 210 E. Center Street, Suite C

Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC is a standing committee of BTPO as established in the BTPO Bylaws, Article 5.2.1 for assisting the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization staff and the Policy Board by reviewing and recommending appropriate action(s) to the Policy Board with regard to all transportation-related matters. Membership. The TAC shall be comprised of key staff members of BTPO Member Agencies, preferably having a transportation-related technical background.

Agency Members
  • Vacant Bannock County (Engineering)
  • Devin  Hillman, City of Chubbuck (Planning)  (VICE-CHAIR)
  • Bridger Morrison, City of Chubbuck (Public Works)
  • Paul Andrus, City of Chubbuck (Planning)
  • Merril Quayle, City of Pocatello (Engineering)
  • Matthew Lewis, City of Pocatello (Planning)
  • Tom Kirkman, City of Pocatello (Traffic Engineering)
  • Clay Woods, Idaho Division of Environmental Quality
  • Vacant Idaho State University
  • Chris Peirsol, Idaho Transportation Department (Planning) (CHAIR)
  • Corey Krantz, Idaho Transportation Department (Traffic Engineering)
  • Skyler Beebe, Pocatello Regional Transit
  • Vacant Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

Technical Advisory Committee Agendas/Minutes

See calendar for the next BTPO Technical Advisory Committee Meeting. BTPO Office Conference Room, 210 E. Center Street, Suite C

 Interagency Consultation Committee (ICC):

Air quality conformity rules require an ICC be established for each air quality non-attainment or maintenance area.  The ICC is responsible for issues related to air quality conformity including travel demand model and emissions modeling.   For the Portneuf Valley Non-Attainment Area (PVNAA) the ICC is comprised of an expanded TAC.  In addition to the TAC members listed above these agencies are voting members of the ICC:

  • Idaho Transportation Department Air Quality Planner
  • Idaho Division of Environmental Quality Headquarters
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Transit Administration

Interagency Consultation Committee Agendas/Minutes

The ICC and TAC  meeting agendas are usually the same but there are times which each will be help separately See calendar for the next BTPO Interagency Consultation Committee Meeting. BTPO Office Conference Room, 210 E. Center Street, Suite C