Modeling Data/Maps

Transportation Planning requires a lot of data and information in order to identify and evaluate current and future conditions.   Some of the information details the existing conditions of the system and others provides information on future desired or projected conditions.  Most of the data tracked is tracked using Graphic Information System (GIS).  

Travel Demand Model (TDM)

BTPO uses a software package called TransCAD to track and show demographic and transportation date.   2015 is the current base year for the travel demand model.  Read More … 


Bannock Transportation Planning Organization tracks demographic information to help determine the transportation needs in the region.   In 2012 demographic data was updated to a 2015 base year with projections to 2045 at five-year intervals.   Read More …

Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) Air Quality Model

In April 2014 the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) submitted a revision of the State Implementation Plan for the Portneuf Valley maintenance plan.  The SIP update updated the model used to determine vehicle emissions from MOBILE6.2 to MOVES2010b and updated the Motor Vehicle Emission Budget (MVEB).  EPA submitted a Federal Register Notice in July 17,2014 approving the Portneuf Valley PM10 Maintenance Plan amendment and MVEB; the effective date of this approval is September 15, 2014.  The information and assumptions used to develop the MOVES model for the amendment is included in the emission inventory report from IDEQ.  Development of the Year 2011 and Year 2020 Mobile Source Emissions Inventories and Conformity Test for the Portneuf Valley Nonattainment Area Idaho


Maps are a easy way to display data.   Most of the data BTPO tracks can be displayed graphically.    Maps have been divided into several categories including: Boundaries, Non-Motorized transportation,  Motorized transportation, and other data.   The maps in this section are static and usually maps which re-present approved plans.  Read More …

Web Based Maps

Maps in this section are web based and are interactive showing data and allowing the user to print the show the data in various formats.  BTPO is currently converting static maps into the web based system.  The types of maps which will be included are regional map, bicycle network, traffic counts, and travel speed data.  Read More …..