Network Accessibility


All five of the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan’s goals relate to the Network Accessibility measures. These measures determine how much of proposed bicycle, pedestrian, and transit networks are accessible or available. Unlike active transportation which looks at behavior, these measures are related to the infrastructure used by people to access non-vehicle transportation networks.  The 2040 MTP performance measures not network accessibility were modified significant in methodology report.  Pedestrian accommodation was divided into local road and those classified as collector and arterials.  A study to update to 2009 data will start in October. 

  • Percentage of non-Interstate Arterials and Collectors with Pedestrian Accommodations
  • Percentage of Local Road Pedestrian Accommodations
  • Percentage of Bicycle Network Complete.
  • Percentage of Non-Interstate Collectors and Arterials with ADA curb Returns

Download the full 61 page Performance Measures Methodology Report by clicking the button below. (766KB PDF)

Performance Measures Methodology Report