Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Pocatello/Chubbuck Pedestrian Plan (PDF)

The 2006 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (LRTP) identified issues with the current pedestrian system and questioned whether it was meeting the needs of the community. Coordinated, well designed, usable, and safe pedestrian facilities were identified as needs for the area.  Read More…

Portneuf Greenway Master Plan (PDF)

The purpose of this Master Plan is to outline the vision for the development of the Portneuf Greenway Trail System.

Portneuf Greenway Trail System Maintenance Plan (PDF)

The purpose of this Maintenance Plan is to set a maintenance schedule for the Portneuf Greenway Trail System. The plan outlines responsibilities and recommends when and how to meet those responsibilities.

Portneuf Greenway Trail System Design Guidelines (PDF)

The purpose of these Design Guidelines is to establish a consistent pattern to the development of the Portneuf Greenway Trail System. The plan outlines design treatment and recommendations for various components including trail construction.  Read More…

School Zone Evaluation and Traffic Study (PDF)

In 2004, Bannock Transportation Planning Organization and the Cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck contracted with Rocky Mountain Engineering & Surveying to conduct a school zone study in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area.  Read more…

Corridor Plans

Yellowstone Corridor Update (PDF)

Yellowstone is the most important street in the urban area, with the exception of the interstate highways. Yellowstone is the backbone of the region’s transportation system, serving to connect neighborhoods, business districts, residents and their jobs, and Pocatello and Chubbuck.  Read more and download additional PDFs…

 Long Range Plans

Public Transportation Plans

Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Plan (PDF)

The Public Transportation – Human Service Plan developed strategies to eliminate gap in transportation services for the elderly, persons with disabilities, and low-income individuals.   The plan was developed in cooperation with Human Services agencies in the region.  Read more….

Idaho Local Mobility Management – Network 5D Mobility Plan (PDF)

Mobility Defined – In the context of IMAP, I-way, and this planning document, mobility is an umbrella term that defines choices to Single Occupant Vehicles.  Read more…

Other Plans

Access Management Executive Summary (PDF)

Access Management (PDF)

The Access Management is the process of controlling the placement and design of intersections and driveways that access a public roadway. Access Management balances the need for property owners with the need of local government to provide a safe efficient roadway network benefiting both.  Read more…

Functional Classification Update Report 

This report provides recommendations to modify the 2010 Pocatello Urban Area Functional Classification Map.

2006 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) (MS Word)

ITD initiated the development of Regional ITS Architectures throughout the State of Idaho. The Bannock Planning Organization is representing District 5 of Idaho in the development of the District 5 Regional ITS Architecture. Read more…

Master Street Plan (PDF)

The Purpose of the Master Street Plan is to provide an engineering-based, legally defensible document which outlines the future collector and arterial placement and right-of-way requirements, and classifies the existing collectors and arterials by a street classification which can be used to develop a future acquisitions map.  Read more..

Traffic Impact Study (PDF)

The functionality of the existing roadway systems are influenced by many factors including: current use; land use bordering the facility; type and amount of access to the facility; and traffic control used along the facility.  Read more…

Arterial Delay Study Report (PDF)

How long does it take to get there? This is a common question but an important one for transportation planning and the average driver.  Read more…

 Un-signalized Intersection Report (PDF)

This plan reviews twenty-four (24) intersections of roads classified as collectors and above with other roads classified as collectors and above.  Read more…

Visualization Techniques for Transportation Planning (PDF)

With the passage of Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) in 2005, came an increased focus on improving public involvement.  Read more…

Transportation Improvement Program