Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan Update

Idaho ITS Strategic Plan Update 2011 (PDF)

In 2010 ITD initiated the update of Regional ITS Architectures throughout the State of Idaho.   In this update the focus was on developing District plan which would become Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are defined as “the application of advanced sensor, computer, electronics, and communication technologies and management strategies in an integrated manner to improve the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation system.”
Regional ITS Architecture is:

  • A plan for deployment of ITS in a state or region
  • A document describing how ITS components work together
  • A set of diagrams showing how components interface and how information flows
  • A tool for integration of ITS in the state/region with identified standards to support systems interoperability

In 2006, the State of Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) completed the development of the Statewide ITS Architectures and Deployment Plans for all the six districts. Currently, ITS project
funding is managed through ITD headquarters. In 2010 this will change and ITS project funding will be done at the district level.  This change encouraged this 2011 Idaho ITS strategic plan