Bannock Transportation Planning Organization is committed to promoting and encouraging bicycle and pedestrian travel within the urban area.   Bicycle and pedestrian travel is critical to the success of the regions Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Bannock Transportation Planning Organization has developed three separate long range planning documents which are designed to set the direction for specific aspects of the non-motorized transportation system.  The documents are: Bicycle Plan, Pedestrian Plan, and Greenway plan.   More details on each plan is provided below.

Bicycle Plan

The bicycle plan was update in 2012 and provide goals and strategies to develop a complete bicycle network within twenty-year.  For more information ….

Pedestrian Plan

The Pocatello/Chubbuck Pedestrian Plan is a set of infrastructure and policy recommendations to guide the development and improvement of the pedestrian system within the Pocatello urbanized area. For more information …

Greenway Plan

The Greenway plan address bicycle and pedestrian travel which occurs off the roadway.  This plan serve as the master plan for the Portneuf Greenway Trail System. The Portneuf Greenway Trail System has three complementary parts: Class I Trails (paved and separated from roadway), Class II Trails (non-paved trails), On-Street Connections (consisting of bicycle lanes and sidewalks, low volume streets).  Each of these components are critical for a connected system.

Portneuf Greenway Master Plan

Portneuf Greenway Maintenance Plan

Porenuf Greenway Design Guidelines