Portneuf Valley Bicycle Plan 2012

The Portneuf Valley Bicycle Master Plan is the result of a two year planning study. The plan development was overseen by a Bicycle Plan Steering Committee, comprised of community members and representatives from local government agencies.

The Bicycle Master Plan establishes a common framework and goals to complete a connected system of bicycle facilities. The Bicycle Master Plan also provides recommended actions that the City of Pocatello, City of Chubbuck, Bannock County, and Bannock Transportation Planning Organization will need to implement to achieve the plans goals.

The Bicycle Master Plan is the federally recognized bicycle plan for the region. All collectors and arterial roads receiving federal funds must follow the Bicycle Master Plan to receive federal funding.

The Bicycle Master Plan is based on the latest technical data. All streets in the region were evaluated to determine how well that street accommodated bicycle traffic. This analysis determined the Bicycle Level of Service for each street. Bicycle Level of Service is a measurement of the perceived comfort and safety for a specific section of street. The results of the analysis were used at a public workshop in October to identify potential routes for bicycle facilities. Additionally, problem areas and gaps in bicycle facilities were identified.

The Portneuf Valley Bicycle Master Plan will be the guiding document for bicycle facilities on public streets. The plan also includes those off-road trails and paths identified in the Portneuf Greenway Master Plan.

The Portneuf Valley Bicycle Master Plan is supported by the following technical documents:

Appendix A – Public Involvement (PDF)
Appendix B – Bicycle Users Survey (PDF)
Appendix C – Level of Service Analysis (PDF)
Appendix D – Bicycle Parking (PDF)
Appendix E – Bicycle Safety (PDF)
Appendix F – Recommendations for Bicycle System (PDF)
Appendix G – Glossary, Acronyms, and Resources (PDF)

Portneuf Valley Bicycle Network Map (PDF)
Bicycle Rack Locations (PDF)

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For more information contact: mori@bplan.org or 208-233-9322.