Public Transportation – Human Service Plan

Public Transportation/Human Service Coordinated Plan

The Public Transportation/ Human Service Coordinated Plan is the Human Service Consolidated Plan (HSCP) for the Pocatello/Chubbuck urbanized area.  This plan updates the 2009 Coordinated Plan.  The purpose of the Public Transportation/Human Service Coordinated Plan is to identify and develop strategies to address transportation needs of the elderly, persons with disabilities, and low-income individuals.   The plan seeks to identify capital projects and other strategies which can improve public transportation and reduce gaps in the transportation service currently being provided.

Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Plan (PDF)

 Transportation Needs and Strategies

Six categories of gaps were identified after study of the transportation needs survey and meeting with the Project Advisory Committee.   The six categories are:

  • Spatial Gaps
  • Service Gaps (Travel Time)
  • Service Gaps (Travel Windows)
  • Knowledge and Information Gaps
  • Facilities Gaps
  • Coordination Gaps

For each gap category indicators, strategies, and performance measures were developed (Gap Category Table).