Yellowstone Avenue Corridor Plan Update

Yellowstone Avenue Corridor Plan 2017

Bannock Transportation Planning Organization’s (BTPO) Policy Board approved the Yellowstone Avenue Corridor Plan Update at their August 7, 2017, meeting.  This report is an update of the 2003 corridor plan.  The study area is along Yellowstone Avenue from the 5th Street Interchange to Reservation Road.   The corridor plan provides guidance on how to manage the corridor and what potential projects will be needed to meet the goals established for the corridor.

Yellowstone_Corridor_Update_20170807 (PDF 19.5 MB)

Yellowstone_Public Review DraftPlan_03-30-17 No Appendices (PDF 20.5 MB)
Yellowstone_Public Review DraftPlan_03-30-17 With Appendices (PDF 50 MB)


Technical Reports

The report was developed over time a series of technical reports are being used to assist in developing the draft.

Existing Transportation Conditions-draft_03-28-16

Future Transportation Conditions-updated_07-11-16