Traffic Counts

BTPO Traffic Counts

Vehicle Counts

Bannock Transportation Planning Organization conducts traffic counts throughout the year but most counts occur between April and October.   The traffic counts shown in the table below are 48 to 72 hour Annual Average Daily Traffic Counts (AADT).  AADTs are determined by averaging two or three days of traffic and converted to that average to an annual average by multiplying a seasonal factor.   Typically the counts are conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  BTPO completed a Traffic Data Program report which outlines the procedures and quality assurance program used in the BTPO planning area.   Travel Data and Operations Manual.

Traffic Count Map 

  • Location – The street where the count was taken
  • Direction – The direction from nearest cross street
  • Cross Street – The name of the nearest cross street.
  • Date – The date traffic count was taken.  Counts are taken over two to three days the date of the Wednesday is usually used as the date of the count.
  • Seasonal adjustments – Based on ART stations within the urban area a seasonal adjustment factor for each day by month is multiplied by raw count.
  • ADT – The Average Daily (24- hour) Traffic for all travel lanes seasonal adjusted

Tube Counts 2013-2016 (PDF) (Last Updated May 11, 2016)

The traffic count map shows the location of all counts from 2015 – 2017. 

The important fields are:

  • Year Count = the year the traffic count occurred
  • F 2012 – F 2018 = the Average Annual Weekday Traffic Count for that year.  Zeros indicate no traffic count occurred in that year.

  Traffic Count Map (Last Updated February 9, 2018) 

Idaho Transportation Department Automatic Traffic Counts

The following is a list of the traffic count locations which run continuously in our community.

Interactive Map of State of Idaho Permanent Traffic Counters
#24 – Chubbuck Overpass Automatic Traffic Recorder
#4 – I-15 @ MP 61.870 1.2 miles SE of Pocatello IC
#246 – I-15 @ MP 70.450 0.5 miles S of Pocatello (Pocatello Creek)
#247 – I-86 @ MP 62.081 0.8 miles E of Jct US-91 (Hiline)
#67 – I-86 @ MP 56.400 1.7 miles W of US-30 IC (Pocatello Airport)
#248 – I-86 @ MP 60.790 0.5 miles W of Jct US-91 (Hawthorne)
#5 – Yellowstone (US-91) @ MP 83.770 3.7 miles N of Jct I-86
#300 – Yellowstone (US-91) .14 miles south of Chapel
#258 – Gould Street Overpass .1 miles west of Garrett Way
#257 – Cheyenne at the RR crossing
#256 – Benton Street Bridge
#255 – Center Street Underpass
#254 – Gould (US-30) at MP 335.670 0.1 mile W of Pocatello Avenue
#253 – Maple Street at Railroad 200 feet W of Yellowstone
#252 – Cedar Street at Railroad 300 feet E of Yellowstone
#251 – Alameda Road at RR Crossing .1 mile E of McKinley
#250 – US-91 @ MP 79.180 0.3 miles W of Yellowstone (Quinn)
#249 – Chubbuck Road at RR Crossing